Our new high strength stainless range is manufactured standard from duplex grade LDX2101®, a modern steel offering significant advantages over traditional grade 304

..It has better corrosion resistance, comparable but more stable pricing, and is 2.3x stronger than grade 304!

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As you can see our website now has two areas;

An area dedicated to our original galvanised Lintel range, and the other to our new high strength stainless lintels.

If you know which steel you want, click to visit the appropriate site, otherwise read on...


Our Stainless Lintels Site

Most lintel applications that would previously have called for grade 304 now select from our high strength stainless range.

LDX2101® has replaced grade 304 in most applications, except where there is a requirement to connect to other or existing 304 components.

Our new stainless range is more extensive, with many new and subtly different designs optimised for manufacture from high strength steels. We also offer SS370 stainless as an alternative high strength steel.

Our Galvanised Lintels Site

Contains our established range of galvanised lintels, manufactured standard from S280 mild steel with G600 galvanising. These lintels represent our most economic option, ideal for many internal or less corrosive applications.

Lintels in grades 304 or 316 should also be chosen/specified from this area as their low strength means our dedicated high strength stainless range Load tables will not hold.